We offer an array of boarding services ranging from standard boarding to full service boarding and training. We also have additonal services that can be added on request for an additional fee.

Standard Board includes:

  • 12 x 12 matted stall, with fan
  • Cleaned twice daily
  • Bedding
  • Hay (3 x day), Grain (2 x day), Sunday- bran mash, supplement management
  • Daily turnout to paddock, with general aftercare
  • Braiding

Full Service Board includes:

  • All standard board features.
  • Monthly Deworming and Supplement Management
  • Turnout, longeing, supervision of the horse‚Äôs daily care;
  • Ear and nose trims, mane pulling, grooming
  • Tacking and untacking of horse (one-hour advance notice required.), tack cleaning and laundry, seasonal blanketing.
  • Coordination of veterinarian, farrier and dentist.

Full Service Board and Training

  • All full service board features.
  • Lessons and Training program for the horse.
  • Coordination of veterinarian, farrier and dentist.

man braiding horse mane

The following services are available and billed separately

  • Body Clip
    • Show trim whiskers, ears, face, legs
    • Face only
  • Medications (Administered as needed and billed accordingly)
  • Extra Care
    • Leg wrapping
    • Soaking and icing
    • Hand walking
    • Baths for skin condition
  • Mane Pulling
  • Mane banded or trained over
  • Exercise rides
  • Worming
  • Lunging